FSSI can accommodate research collection of any size. Full repository services include registration, net inventory capture, material analysis to confirm purity and integrity, reformatting to any specified weight, concentration, array, short and long-term storage and full set or cherry-picked sample distribution.

We will set up a secure, dedicated web interface, either stand-alone or fully integrated, for our clients to access their inventory data in real-time. This interface can include an ordering system for immediate access to samples in any format, usually delivered in 24 to 48 hours.

We will distribute to most locations worldwide and in the greatest variety of formats, such as solids in vials or plates, and liquids in tubes, or 96/384/1536 well plates.

Project Management Services
FSSI’s Project Management Services allows researchers of all levels to attend to other duties and responsibilities.  This service can be project or FTE-based.  Routine project productivity updates are provided on a schedule that each individual client is comfortable with.  

For larger scale projects, a joint steering committee can be set up with project leaders representing the client and FSSI.  Working groups attend to the daily operations and report in on a scheduled basis.  Reports are generated to show status of each key function.

FSSI's staff - both in Sales and Operations - has significant lab, research and process engineering experience. There are instances when a client may want to refine an internal process and not necessarily outsource the work. FSSI can provide staff with the appropriate chemistry, biology or sample management background on a short term or an as needed basis to review existing processes and offer consultative advice to increase productivity, create efficient logistics and develop cost effective workflows.

On Site

FSSI also provides staff for on site projects, whether short-term or resource intensive, and with appropriate level of supervision. Tasks and expected deliverables are documented and we work closely with the on site project leader to complete the work in a timely and accurate fashion. This is typically an FTE fee-based service.

Sample Reformatting
Sample reformatting often includes stoichiometric weighing and liquid handling functions. In many instances, organizations acquire collections, revise investigational processes,  and modify platforms to improve efficiencies. While you may have the capability to perform sample reformatting operations internally, at the expense of internal resources and daily processing requirements; outsourcing this work to FSSI will dramatically reduce the impact on your organization’s resources and equipment, reduce completion time and expenses, and provide new efficiencies.

Vial Taring
FSSI routinely tares hundreds of thousands of vials and containers annually for consumable providers and end users. We have developed Standard Operating Procedures to ensure accuracy and calibrate all balances several times per day. Tare weights are associated with each container barcode and captured programmatically. Labels and caps can be applied to each container upon request as part of the process.
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